Channels & Markets

Operations in Penang, Malaysia

Brady is the global leader in a wide range of markets and utilizes a variety of channels to market.   Our manufacturing expertise, global infrastructure and sales resources allow us to provide innovative products and comprehensive solutions to millions of customers.

Global Sales and Diversified Channels

Brady is a global company with businesses managed in three regions.  The Americas region includes the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil;  The European region include Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and the Asia/Pacific Region includes countried in Asia as well as Australia.  In Fiscal 2011, 43% of Brady's sales came from the Americas region, 30% from the European region, and 27% from Asia/Pacific. 

Brady utilizes a wide range of channels to reach customers across a broad array of industries. Our direct marketing expertise helps to meet our customers’ need for convenience, we have long-standing relationships with, and are a preferred supplier to, many large distributors, and we employ a global sales team to support both distributors and customers, as well as sell directly to some customers.