Brady History

W. H. Brady traces its origins to founder W. H. (Will) Brady's early career as a salesman for an Ohio remembrance advertising firm that manufactured calendars, yardsticks, and other promotional items on which advertising messages were printed. In 1914 he founded the W. H. Brady Company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His first product was promotional photographic calendars sold to offices and stores, but he soon followed with elaborate color displays for ice cream parlors, printed glass beer signs, point-of-purchase displays, and pre-billboard roadside advertising.

Brady Celebrates 100 years

Brady Corporation recently celebrated 100 years as a company. You can read about it here in our centennial celebratory book: A Century of Service and Innovation

Brady Started in 1914, But it really took off in the 1940's

World War II brought an urgent need for a clear and easy way to identify the ever-more dense masses of wiring being installed in ships, planes, and other military equipment.  Prior to the 1940s, electricians relied on primitive methods of identifying wires including marking them with color codes, tie-on tags, or actual notches.  W.H. Brady offered a better solution: preprinted, self-adhesive wire markers. These new wire markers adhered whether planes were parked on sweltering 100 plus degree landing strips or flying through frigid subzero temperatures at 37,000 feet.  Brady wire markers performed better than any of the old solutions at a time when performance mattered more than it ever had, and continue to be one of the company's leading product lines today.

Time, and Brady, Marches on

varying wire markers made by Brady

1950s: Brady first goes international with new operations and partnerships in Canada, Mexico, and the U.K.

1980s: Brady went public in 1984 when it issued its first-ever shares of common stock, and expands its reach through direct marketing catalogs. 

1990s: Brady continues to innovate by creating software that allows customers to create their own labels and printers to print on-site and on-demand.  The company begins further global expansion in Asia.

2000s:  For Brady, a decade of expansion through acquisitions that brought new customers, new technologies and new geographies to the company's portfolio.