Supplier Information

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Brady suppliers are a vital part of our success. Their products, services, business performance and corporate practices all have a direct impact on our own capabilities and performance. As Brady strives to incorporate good business practices into all we do, it is critical that that our suppliers share our sense of integrity and ethical practices. We appreciate the outstanding efforts on the part of everyone in our value streams to provide the best outcomes possible for our customers.

Supplier Social & Environmental Responsibility

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Requirements for Brady's Valued Suppliers

Information and requirements for Brady suppliers can be found in the Brady Supplier Manual.   

In addition, a critical element of our corporate philosophy and operations is the Brady Global Standards which has been adapted from the EICC Code of Conduct and is made up of five sections: 

  1. Ethical Labor Practices
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Practices
  3. Environmental Responsibilities and Practices
  4. Ethical Business Practices
  5. Management system to manage conformity to the code.

Brady’s embrace of this code of conduct means that our supplier partners must also subscribe to these principles.  To provide direct evidence of supplier acceptance of these principles, Brady requires completion of a self-assessment form and acknowledgement.  Suppliers who have previously completed an EICC based E-TASC survey on business practices, should e-mail a copy of the completed form to   

Sustainability Policies

View Brady Corp.'s Conflict Minerals policy