Coating Technologies

Brady's coating operations

Brady technologists design, develop and apply coatings onto flexible substrates that enhance print receptivity and image, chemical resistance and durability, and add functionality to meet customer needs. Our coating process knowledge provides a wide range of unique materials.


adhesive coating technology

Brady chemists synthesize, modify, optimize and coat adhesives on flexible substrates that adhere to surfaces with low surface energy, extreme low temperature, or unique chemical resistance. Outdoor durability, ultra clean, cleanly removable, and repositionable adhesives are also innovations optimized by Brady technologists.


tamper indicating security technology

Utilizing our various technologies in harmony to develop overt, covert, tamper indicating and track-and-trace security technologies, Brady provides solutions utilized in multiple markets to protect brands and products of customers and consumers.


energy management materials

Brady scientists development materials to manage vibration, thermal energy, light and electromagnetic energy forms. Brady Global R&D has technology for customized films, foams and gels to address applications requiring energy management.

Durable Print and Films

unique film materials for thermal, UV fade, chemical and other high-performance applications

Brady technologists select the appropriate unique film material for high-performance application requirements such as thermal, UV fade, chemical exposure and high abrasion, then enhance the durability performance using coating technology and validate the construction for the specific customer application utilizing customized test methods.


multilayer constructions is a core competency at Brady

Brady’s core competency in multilayer constructions of flexible substrates enhances functionality such as color, whiteness, opacity static control, chemical and abrasion resistance, curl control print receptivity and durability, and vibration dampening.


Brady wiremarkers can be printed, cut and dispensed on demand

Technology development for high volume print-on-demand, cut, dispense and consistently apply extremely thick and thin labels to a number of surfaces and shapes for automatic application.

SYSTEMS DESIGN (Integrated Customized Printers)

Development of hassle-free intelligent printer systems that recommend the proper ribbon media, settings for optimum print quality and durability, and remaining ribbon material quantities.

ROBOTICS (For printers, wire wrap and Advanced Die Cut)

robotics for pick-and-place control

Brady technologists advance the robotic operations for pick-and-place control, software for visual inspection, die-cut control, and motors and drives in portables printers and wire wrap automation.

Advanced Software

Using the latest tools and software technologies and a best-in-class agile development process, our teams deliver integrated solutions that provide significant value for our customers.