Tools & Processes

New Product Development (NPD)

Brady Corporation utilizes a customized stage-gate process to manage its customer focused product development from project initiation to commercial launch. Project checkpoints allow Brady to monitor project progress and how changing market conditions affect active developments. Brady's NPD process was implemented with proprietary in-house developed software to track product development projects globally. This allows for continuous improvement of how new innovative, market-leading products and solutions are developed. Brady manages its product development portfolio with a portfolio analysis application developed in house by the Brady Program Management Office which allows for continuous improvement of our portfolio analysis process.


Brady utilizes “Exploratory” and “Advanced Technology Development” projects to understand and enhance the capabilities and competencies of emerging technologies. Tracking technology trends, identifying emerging technologies and exploring key technologies to incorporate into the Brady Core Technology platforms, our talented scientists and engineers use state-of-the-art simulation and measurement tools, prototyping capabilities, design optimization tools and print-quality measurement tools to enhance our understanding of new technologies, concepts or building blocks.


As part of our innovation management process, Brady Global R&D embraces collaboration opportunities with organizations globally to explore emerging technologies to improve our products for the benefit of our customers. Our technologists coordinate, cooperate and collaborate with a number of universities, consortiums and industrial companies around the world to enhance our technology reach and capabilities. Brady Global R&D seeks companies, universities and organizations that share our vision for emerging technologies and the impact it can have on our customers and the world.


Design for Six Sigma and LEAN techniques in new product development ensure that Brady products meet and exceed customers' most demanding requirements

Brady Global R&D conducts training in Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) and LEAN techniques and incorporates the concepts and tools into the Advanced Technology and New Product Development processes. DfSS combines tools to achieve a deep understanding of our customers unmet needs with a rigorous quality focus to product design to ensure Brady’s products meet and exceed our customers’ most demanding requirements. By flowing customer requirements down to individual component specifications and developing robust manufacturing processes, we ensure our customers will get reliable products that meet their needs. Brady scientists and engineers employ Design for Six Sigma methods and tools to rapidly develop high quality products.


From the time of the company's inception to present, Brady Corporation has been a recognized innovator and has been awarded over 1000 patents covering innovation in the areas including industrial marking, printing systems, adhesive chemistry, time indicating technology and lockout technology. In addition to patented technology, Brady has an expertise in the manufacturing and converting of materials that is maintained through trade secret processes. The Intellectual Property Department is charged with promoting the growth of the company's innovation by seeking the appropriate protection for new technologies and building upon the portfolio as well as defending Brady's innovations.