• Accidental Health and Safety

    Providing Safety On Site through a network of over 60 representatives across Australia. Specialising in First Aid related products & supplies as well as a wide variety of safety products.

    TEL: 1-300-362-327
    FAX: 1-300-882-122

  • Brady

    Brady Australia have thousands of products to meet your safety and facility identification needs, all sold through our network of sales reps and distributors across Australia and New Zealand

    TEL No: 1800 620 816
    FAX No: 1800 805 076

  • Carroll

    Carroll provides a complete product line for terminating, connecting, bundling, protecting and identifying electrical circuits, supplied in compliance with the ISO 9002 Quality Standard.

    Free Call: 1800 777 458
    Free Fax: 1800 654 325

  • ID Warehouse

    IDW have a comprehensive knowledge of the Australian security and identification industry. We provide People idenfication and security solutions including lanyards, ID cards, security visitor systems, etc.

    PH: 1300 301 748
    FAX:1300 301 749

  • Safety Signs Service

    Safety Signs Service is Australia's west coast premier, safety sign
    manufacturer and distributor. We create all types of signs to protect
    workers and keep the work place free from accidents.

    PH: 1300 723 549
    FAX: 1300 139 875

  • Seton

    Seton Australia specialises in industrial signs and safety products, with over 30,000 product sku's, online ordering is easy with fast shipping.

    PH:1800 65 1173
    FAX:1800 67 8796

  • Trafalgar First Aid

    Specialists in First Aid Kits for the home, car or office. We offer an extensive range of First Aid Kits through a variety of Australian retail outlets (such as K-Mart, Target, Big W) and Industrial Retailers.

    PH: 1300 361 899
    FAX; 1300 361 744