Brady's Sustainable Company Strategy uses lean processes to eliminate waste, conserve energy, preserve natural resources and continuously improve safety

Brady's commitment to be a sustainable company is rooted in two important areas: reducing our overall environmental footprint and continuously improving our safety performance. The four focus areas of our "Sustainable Company Pillar" are: eliminate waste, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, preserve natural resources, and continuously improve safety performance.

Global Environmental and Safety Policy

Brady Corporation is committed to conducting business around the world in a manner that protects the environment, health and safety of our employees, and communities in which we operate.  Our goal is to apply principles and practices of sound environmental stewardship and safety in every phase of our operations and products.

To accomplish this, we will strive to:

- Engage all employees to proactively manage risks in the workplace and achieve zero injuries.

- Provide workplaces that are safe and healthy for our employees, visitors, contractors, customer and the communities in which we operate.

- Meet or exceed all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements regarding the safety, health and environmental impact of our operations and products.

- Monitor progress toward our goals and continuously improve our environment, health and safety management system.

- Safeguard our global environment by minimizing our use of natural resources and preventing pollution.

We foster an environmental, health and safety culture that reflects the industry leading products which define Brady in the marketplace; promotes the best from our people; provides long term value to the organization; and builds public trust.