Our Sustainable Customers program is focused on providing products and services that comply with regional and global regulations today while creating new, innovative eco-friendly offerings that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in the future.

Design for Environment


Brady's "Design for Environment" program is a comprehensive approach to environmentally-friendly design integrated into our formal new product development process. This not only helps to ensure our sustainability goals, but also helps our customers achieve theirs by providing Brady products that were designed with the environment in mind.

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Principles and Practices

Brady is in the process of integrating 'Design-for-Environment" principles and practices into all phases of the design and development of new products to protect the environment, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Our guiding principles in this effort are the following:

• Improve Energy Efficiency of Systems

• Eliminate materials that cause environmental concerns

• Reduce material consumption in packaging

• Increase use of sustainably sourced materials

• Reduce waste in conversion and printing

• Increase recyclability of systems and packaging